Change Your Clocks and Lubricate Your Locks!


Home Safety and Security Maintenance can be a seemingly never-ending task. There are filters to change, fixtures and systems to maintain, and each have their own schedule. Unless you enjoy maintaining logbooks that would make any ship captain proud, it can be hard to remember to do everything. North Star Lock Service has a fun reminder for a really quick maintenance task. It only needs to be done twice a year, and takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how many locks you have on your home. 

When you change your clocks…lubricate your locks! 

Locks on exterior doors, especially in the Chicago area, face harsh temperature and weather conditions, it is important to keep the moving parts of those locks in good working order so when you go to unlock or lock your door it works effortlessly. So, twice a year, when you change your clocks… lubricate your locks! 

What you need: 

 1 aerosol can of dry-film lubricant w/ direct spray straw – We suggest a dry spray lubricant with Teflon® 

Keys for your locks

That’s it! Now with that spray can and direct spray straw, go to each lock in your home and spray a bit in each key slot. Place your key in the door and with the door open, lock and un lock the door allowing the spray to move around inside the mechanism. Now also spray the deadbolts a bit, and where the dead bolt does into the doorframe. Then with the door closed, lock and unlock the door a few times to ensure coverage. 

The spray displaces any moisture that might be hiding in the lock and it ends up staying as a dry stable lubricant for all the moving parts in your locks. By doing this task twice a year you’re extending the life of your locks and preventing damage from extreme cold, or heat, that can leave you locked out of your home.  

When you change your clocks….Lubricate your locks!