Is It Time To Change Your Locks?


Spring is finally here, and as you think about the repairs and improvements you want to make around the house, take a look at your home security, and consider whether it’s time to change your locks.  

If you have every moved to a new house, had your keys stolen, or been the victim of a home burglary, the first thing you probably did was change the locks. But there are lots of other good reasons to make it a priority.

1) Peace of Mind

How many years has it been since you moved into your home, or last changed the locks?  In that time have you (or one of your kids) lost a key; given one to the cleaning lady, a contractor, or other service provider; asked a neighbor to water the plants when you were on vacation? Did you get all those keys back?   If not, now might be a good time to re-key your locks.  It’s a fairly simple process, and one that can provide a renewed sense of safety and security.

2) Simplicity

Many older homes require multiple keys: one for the front door, the back door, the garage door, etc.  Maybe even one for the attic door.  Rather than color coding what key goes where, why not simplify life by having one single key that works in every lock?  Or better still – consider upgrading to keyless entry. 

3) Upgraded Security

If your house is relatively new, your current lock may be what we call “builders grade.” That is typically a very basic, low cost model that contractors can buy in bulk. While the lock may seem perfectly adequate, it probably isn’t as substantial as one you would choose given the option.  Or perhaps your locks are old, worn and temperamental, and you have to twist the key ‘just so’ to get it to work.  Either way, it might be time consider upgrading to a newer, more secure system.  

Or time to get rid of your house keys altogether!  There are new keyless entry options that allow you to open doors with a keypad, remote control, or even your cell phone. With Bluetooth technology and mobile apps you can lock your front door from the office, or unlock it remotely if your 12 year old leaves their key at school.  Some systems even let you turn on the lights or crank up the air conditioning before you get home.  Give us a call at (847) 456-4873 and we can find a system that works best for you. 

Locked doors are your first line of defense against intruders. When your home is secure, you can rest easy.  So this spring take a look at your locks and ask if it’s time to invest in a little more peace of mind.