How to Keep Safe When You Have Latchkey Kids


The world is busy these days! Does your child come home from school before you get home from work? Have they ever forgotten their key? What is the best way to keep them safe while you’re not there?

Children of any age that are often home from school before their parent or guardian can arrive home from work are commonly referred to as “latchkey kids”. With the amount of time we all work and study throughout Chicagoland, it is no wonder that allowing your child to come home from school unattended is a fairly average practice among most families. According to the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, just about 40% of children stay at home alone before a parent or guardian can arrive. Does your child wear the key to your home around their neck? Has that key ever been lost, stolen, or misplaced? North Star Lock Service has several solutions for this every day problem! We also have several ways to help you make sure your child is safe while at home without adult supervision!

The issue with traditional keys is that they are so easily lost or misplaced, sometimes even forgotten. Having a traditional key as a backup is not a bad idea, we use high quality Baldwin Hardware for

both traditional locks and newer alternatives like Electronic Deadbolts that lock or unlock using a simple code you and your family select. Your child can keep the key on them for the first few weeks as they practice using the code, and then it will simply be habit! If you’re worried about someone outside your trusted family and friends knowing the code, it can be changed with ease. Contact us today to talk about how a duel deadbolt system like this can help improve the security of your residence!

Another option is keypad entry via attached garage, one code and the garage door is open! Your child can then enter the home without care and close the garage door behind them. It is important to consider a battery backup or key lockbox in case of power outages. North Star Lock Service has been a home

security expert in Chicagoland for over 31 years, we would be more than happy to walk you through all your keyless security options for your young family members.

There is a saying in the security industry, “don’t stop at the door”, well okay, we might have made that up, but if you’re considering keyless entry for your child when they come home from school, you don’t have to stop at the door! We have been installing intercom and camera surveillance systems since they first came to market. You would be able to peek in on your home, and your family while you are at work, or away on business with ease!

If all this is a lot of new information, and you’re comfortable with your family’s system of traditional locks, we still want to hear from you! North Star Lock Service is a 24/7 locksmith service in the Chicago suburbs. Contact us and see what we can do to help when your son or daughter accidentally finds themselves locked out. Above all, we want our customers to be safe and secure at all times.